December 14, 2020 by Evolve Talent
What is Happening in the Software Development Market Right Now?

The events of the past 12 months have caused significant disruption across a range of industries, and Software Development is no exception. Despite the shifting landscape and the widespread redundancies that occurred earlier in the year, demand for skilled talent has continued, particularly for people with experience in the React and Vue frameworks. Companies have fought to hold onto their best people, and the majority of the mid-to senior-level candidates that entered the market were quickly re-engaged in new roles, meaning we did not see the huge influx of quality talent that many predicted in the initial weeks and months.

Meanwhile, border restrictions have prevented organisations from obtaining people from overseas, in spite of the travel exemptions the government has put in place for critical skill sets. Consequently, skill shortages in many areas are now even more prominent than they were pre-COVID-19, a challenge that is likely to continue as businesses look to restart previously paused projects and ramp-up in the new year. Until Australia’s borders reopen, the competition for experienced people will remain high, with candidates who hold the right skills regularly having multiple employment opportunities to choose from.

What is Happening in the Software Development Market Right Now?The good news is that employers can set themselves apart in the market by having a compelling employee value proposition and opting to work with the ‘latest and greatest’ technologies. This will make it easier to attract passive candidates and secure the talent they need. Organisations will also benefit greatly from an increased focus on training and development, enabling them to take advantage of less experienced candidates and upskill them where needed. For junior Software Development professionals in search of work, taking on side projects in their own time, such as building a complex web application, is an excellent way to diversify their expertise and demonstrate a willingness to learn to potential employers.

If you need support with finding skilled Software Development talent in this candidate-short market or are looking for your next opportunity, reach out to the Evolve Talent team today.

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